Signs of Ragnarok

By The Unknown Number

Chapter 1: The Travel to the Other World

*This story takes place after the events of Soul Reaver and before the second season of Beast Machines. And just as a reminder, I'm not making any money off of this. It's just for your amusement*

"Be warned Raziel. Once you cross this thresh hold, you are beyond my influence," the Elder spoke to Raziel right after Kain went through the portal. Raziel stared at the portal for a moment, hesitating.

"That doesn't scare me" Raziel thought, "Kain will taste death at my hand for casting me into the Abyss. I will have my revenge!" Raziel turned his claws into a fist and the Soul Reaver grew brighter as his anger intensified. Raziel stepped into the black window and out of the Elder's reach. Meanwhile................another world is dealing with there own 

"Come on Fearless Leader! You got a plan yet?" Rattrap yelled as him and Optimus were running from three Aero drones firing at them.

"Not at the moment" Optimus responded.

"That’s great! We’re all going to........." Just then, a figure jumped into the air and slicing noises ensued. Optimus and Rattrap turned around to see the three Aero drones cut to pieces. They looked up to see Cheetor land on the ground in his robot mode.

"Having fun without me?" Cheetor transformed back to his cheetah form to avoid attracting more Vecicons. Optimus and Rattrap ignored Cheetors question.

"Were is Spider Woman (Black Arachina) and the Kid (NightScream)?" Rattrap asked.

"They’re on a recon mission at the moment. Just checking to see if Meg's up to something". Cheetor responded.

"Well, let's just hope they stay in beast mode and avoid detection by the Vecicons" Optimus said.

"But, for the moment, let's head back to the base and discuss our next plan of action." Optimus, Cheetor, and Rattrap started running back to the base.

Raziel began walking to the open area, the one with the infinity symbol engraved in it.

"What place is this?" Raziel thought. He stopped in the center of the giant symbol and stared at the blackness ahead of him, not noticing the figure approaching behind him.

"Raziel..." It spoke. Raziel was caught off guard by this and turned around surprised, "Redeemer and Destroyer, Pawn and Messiah. Welcome Time Span soul. Welcome to your destiny".
The voice was that of Moebius, The Time Streamer. Raziel looked at this figure of a man. He didn't really look like the boasting exploits that he had heard from Kain. However, like the statue that he saw at the giant clock, Moebius himself radiated a dark aura, only more powerful.

"Why do you sneak up on me Time Steamer?" Raziel yelled, "I've been through Hell and back and I don't need these silly games being played on me!!"

"Calm yourself young soul," Moebius said. "The one you seek, the one called Kain, has been here. He just went into that portal over there".
Raziel looked to where Moebius said and the blackness crawled away to reveal another time portal. Raziel walked up to it. However, this window wasn't like the ones that he saw at the hallway. It was rather bright and inside the window, the circular part of it was spinning. Add to this that the window was over 100 feet high and 300 feet in diameter, this wasn't an ordinary portal. Moebius walked up next to Raziel, "This portal is the one 
Kain went to. But I must warn you Raziel, this portal is a portal that not even I know where it will lead. [Author’s Note: Think Sliders.] Raziel turned and looked at Moebius.

"How can that be?" Raziel asked. "You are the Time Streamer, the person that guarded the Pillar of Time. How can you not know where this portal leads?" 
Moebius took a deep breath, "This portal was not created by me. It appeared just after you were sentenced to the Abyss. Despite my powers I have over time, I cannot see though it and see what is on the other side. Almost as if another force knew about this place." Raziel looked back at the massive window.

"Despite what you are telling me, I will continue to pursue Kain. He will pay for all the pain he was given me." Raziel said in anger. Moebius nodded, "Then go Raziel. Since Kain just went through this portal, it still might be tuned to the time and place he went to. But be warned, once you walk in, I don't know how you will get back." Raziel thought about those words for a moment. However, all of his anger was clouding his judgment. Raziel touched the window and traveled down a time tunnel to where Kain was. Moebius stood for a while after Raziel left and mumbled something.

"Where time is but a loop, a loose stitch in the universal cloth, a streamer might seize upon a chance, a fatal slip, and plunge the fate of planets into chaos". Meanwhile.

.Back on Cybortron. A certain Jet and a certain Motorcycle were traveling down the quiet streets of Cybortropolis.

"Nice time for a moonlight stroll," Thrust said to himself while trying to ignore Jetstorms boosting nature.

"I tell yeah Thrust, I need to find a Maximal to play with!" Jetstorm said, "It's been nearly an entire solar cycle (1 day in Earth standards) and still I haven't seen any Maximals!". Thrust was getting fed up with Jetstorm by now, "Well, if you could shut your beak once in awhile, then maybe you won't scare them away with your mouth!" Thrust yelled.

"What was that exhaust for brains?" Jetstorm said as he transformed into his robot mode. Thrust transformed as well without saying a comeback. Jetstorm and Thrust just met face to face and each one was ready to blow the next one away. They were just about to when Jetstorm was hit by a net of spider manufacture and Thrust was blown away by a sonic scream. Both Vecicon generals regained their balance to see who was attacking them.

"I thought this was strictly recon?" The shadow figure said. "Well, I guess we forgot," said the second shadow figure. Both figures walked out of the shadows. It was Black Arachina and Night Scream.

"Finally, not one but, two Maximals to play with!" Jet Storm said.

"Well, are we going to do this or what?" Night Scream said.

"Sure thing. We've been looking for something to frag!" Thrust responded. Black Arachina took on Jet Storm while Night Scream took on Thrust. [This fighting part is happening at the same time so don't think that the first battle happened and then the second happened next.]

"Don't know why you think you can handle me babe," Jet Storm said, "But I won't disappoint you for trying".

"Nor will I," Black Arachina responded. Jet Storm fired his shoulder guns at Black Arachina but she dodged it with ease and ran to get him to follow her.

"Fleeing from the enemy, how Maximal-like!" Jet Storm said and transformed to his Jet mode and chased Black Arachina down the street. Black Arachina was doing pretty good until she made a wrong turn at winded up trapped in a gutter. Black Arachina held her chin for a moment thinking of a plan. And she did. She transformed back into beast mode and quickly made a web to trap Jet Storm. After setting the web, Black Arachina climbed up the wall and waited for her prey to fall into the trap. Jet Storm was only seconds from 
the place where Black Arachina was and flew into the gutter only to be trapped in a spider's web. Black Arachina jumped off the wall and transformed into her robot mode.

"You should have known that mouth would get you in trouble" Black Arachina said. Black Arachina got down on one knee and two smaller legs came out behind her. She lifted her arms up and the two legs began to charge up for an electrical attack.

"Oh no!" Jet Storm yelled. And the sound of shocking and a scream could be heard from far away.
Night Scream and Thrust both eyed each other for a while. Both prepared for which one would make the first move. Thrust was the one to attack first. He screeched his tires and drove at Night Scream head on firing his arm guns. Night Scream took to the air and did the best to avoid the blast from Thrust. Night Scream had enough of this dodging and hit Thrust with his sonic attack, making Thrust skid across the ground 20 feet. Thrust managed to get up (Barely, how can you get up when you only can balance on one wheel?) only to get hit by a line directly in the chest. It was Night Scream’s energy drain attack and sucked the energy from Thrust. Thrust fell to the ground unable to move. Night Scream transformed back to his beast mode and landed on the ground to be met by Black Arachina.

"Take care of Jet Storm?" Night Scream asked.

Yeah. These Vecicon Generals are getting tougher to beat now" Black Arachina responded.

"Well, we better meet up with Optimus and the others. They'll be wondering where we are," Night Scream said. Leaving the two stunned Vecicon Generals, Night Scream and Black Arachina ran back to the base.

The Oracle began throwing out globs of space and suddenly, Raziel was tossed out of the Oracle. Raziel fell face first into the walkway and he found himself in a different area. Raziel got up and dusted the dust off his clan symbol's cloth. Raziel looked around to find himself in a place that was completely foreign to him. It looked nothing like Nosgoth. The walkway he was on was lit by a row of red beacons that were placed on top of a post. 
Raziel turned around to see the Oracle's window still functioning. That was good. He would need to get back to Nosgoth after he was done with Kain. Raziel walked ahead while examining the area again.

"What is the place?" Raziel wondered. "This doesn't look at all like Nosgoth.” Raziel reached the stairway that led down to the ground and started the descent down it. "Whatever manner of place this is, Kain came through here". Raziel combed the ground and picked up a scent that he did not like; Kain's scent. Raziel continued to walk out toward the entrance to the catacombs.

"It's time to begin my quest for revenge...again." Raziel started off with a sprint and ran out of the catacombs.

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